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India is credited with supplying cotton to Mesopotamia as well as inventing the art of weaving it. Due to this, Indus Valley Civilization's men and women wore black pieces of material, akin to loincloths, and were acquainted with cotton fabrics. Designer Sarees for women of this length were at first worn in the kachcha style, meaning they were wrapped around the waist and passed between the legs after being tucked behind to encourage lower body and legs movement. Sarees becalmed a hot fashion trend around 2800 BC. Originating from the Indus Valley Civilization in the northwestern part of the Indian Subcontinent, it is more than a thousand years old.

Embrace the Diva in You with the Latest Designer Sarees Online in India

Designer sarees are an essential item in every Indian woman's wardrobe. There are no words to describe the grace and sophistication of these dresses. Furthermore, women prefer wearing to social gatherings whether it's a wedding, a formal party, or an engagement party. Check out Indian Rani's fabulous selection of designer sarees for women for sale since they will make a terrific addition to your ethnic wardrobe.

Types of Stylish Designer Sarees

Originally worn in India as a traditional garment, sarees are now styled in more contemporary ways. There are several ways to experiment with the saree, from blouse patterns to ready-to-wear ones. Below are a few examples: 

An ikat saree worn over classic white shirts and a tribal necklace makes for a chic look. 

Embroidered with a ruffle georgette saree and a halter neck blouse make a perfect combination for a feminine evening look.

A heavily embroidered saree paired with a round neck blouse and choker with crepe saree with heavy embroidery makes a great wedding or party outfit.

You are sure to find the answers to your saree woes in our extensive collection of the latest styles. Offering a wide range of chiffon, Indo-western saree, crepe, georgette, and silk cotton sarees, Indian Rani is extensively categorized. As per the style of the saree, here are a few varieties of designer sarees you can find on Indian Rani:

Embroidered: Handwork embroidery is a universally loved craft. Sarees with this feature look elegant and give them a unique appearance.

GOTA PATTI: A touch of tradition that'll make you feel like a million bucks. You will surely receive compliments if you wear a Gota Patti designer saree to formal events.

Mirror Embellishments: The value of mirror work is indispensable to a saree collection. There's nothing better than adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit, and mirror work allows you to do exactly that!

EQUINE: Yes, a little glitz doesn't hurt. The sequined or otherwise fancy designer saree suits parties very well. It’s the perfect style to adorn if you’re hoping to turn heads and make their eyes glued right at you. 

Zardosi: This Indian wedding saree features elaborate metallic embroidery. A beautiful designer saree is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

How to Choose a Stylish Designer Saree that Accentuates Your Style?

Indian Rani provides a variety of saree collections including silk sarees, sarees made of different materials, etc. So if you're into plain Sarees with borders, then choose Zari and Resham work Sarees from our collection, or if you love Indian regional specialties from the North, Central, and East, we've got them all at our online store. Every Indian woman loves to wear sarees for festivals, weddings, and fancy events. Learn how to choose the perfect saree for every special occasion. Providing elegance and a wide choice of fabrics such as silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, tussar, and designer prints, the nine yards of beauty have it all. It is easy to experiment with the ethnic look of this classic lehenga choli for women in a variety of colors without having to make much effort.

A female with a pear-shaped body has a heavier hip area, in comparison to her upper body. Consequently, they should choose an upper and lower section material that matches, such as chiffon and georgette. Mermaid cuts should never be considered since they would unnecessarily complicate attention on your lower half. The seedha pallu is the best way to drape your body since it will create the right proportions.

A beautifully embroidered saree that will match the shape of your body is the best choice for the apple-shaped body. The longer the blouse, the better; it will hide your trouble spots while protecting your waist. A less traditional method is to tie your saree higher. A silk blouse is an option that you may want to consider. Stay away from netted sarees, though. Whether you choose Ulta-pallu or a very straightforward style, make sure that you dress up well in your saree.

You should choose fabrics with volumes such as Georgette, Chiffon, and Net if you have a voluptuous body. Your curves are showcased in comfort as the wraps contour around you. It is recommended that you choose dark colors when purchasing a designer saree. Heavy sarees are certainly not recommended. You can embroider and stitch the garment to a higher level of detail, but it should never be rigid.

Explore the Latest Designer Saree Shopping Experience at Indian Rani

Fashion circles are increasingly recognizing the importance of printed designer sarees. While floral fancy sarees online shopping have been popular for many years, geometric prints and abstracts have also recently become popular. There is also a revival of traditional designs in many designer sarees. Our proud status as ethnic fashion's go-to destination has a basis in fact. Keeping our collections updated weekly, as well as having a good mix of trendy and vintage labels, is one of our greatest strengths. The latest collection of fancy designer sarees from Indian Rani features an exciting assortment of clothing. 

Throughout the year, the website offers latest saree design updates at affordable prices. With thousands of choices, you'll discover a grand Kanchipuram, a gentle Bengal Tant, vivid Leheriya Prints, a modern Half-n-Half Saree, and much more to buy designer sarees online in India.

Also, you can expect your shipment to arrive on time at your front door. Customers from all over the world buy designer sarees online shopping and ehenga choli for women from Indian Rani's lifestyle stores.