9 Fabulous Floral Lehenga Designs for Summer 2022

9 Fabulous Floral Lehenga Designs for Summer 2022

India is a country rich with its diverse cultures and rituals, and this diversity leads to innumerable reasons for celebration. It need not be said that we Indians love to celebrate. Be it the festivals or weddings there is always some reason that calls for a grand celebration in our country. The trickiest part, however, is to decide what to wear. There are just so many choices out there which makes it all the more difficult to decide what exactly to wear.

You are probably contemplating what to wear for your best friend or relative’s wedding. Are you worried that you won’t be able to find the perfect outfit on time to flaunt at the wedding? Then it is time to take a deep sigh of relief, for we have got you covered. What comes to your mind when you think of perfect wedding attire? Sarees for most of you. We have got you one better. Lehengas! The effortless lehengas instantly save the hassle that goes behind draping a saree. 

Below we have curated for you a list of the best floral designs perfect for the upcoming summer weddings. Take a look and find out what kind of lehenga best suits you. 

Cute Floral Designer Lehengas for this Summer Wedding

Black Floral Lehenga

With black, one can never go wrong. The beautiful, long, black skirt with colourful florals printed on it and paired with a cute little black crop top will add a fashionable touch to the overall look. Complete the look by wearing simple, minimal jewellery, and you are all set to shine!

Funky Florals

Make dressing-up all the more fun with the funky floral designs on the long flowy skirt and pair it with a cute half-sleeved choli, and hang a dupatta on one side of the shoulder. Wear little to no jewellery with minimal makeup, and your look is complete.

Peach Coloured Lehenga

Rich red-coloured floral prints digitally printed on the silk peach lehenga paired with a matching silk choli and a dupatta designed with golden borders will surely add an elegant touch to the look. Pair it with gold bangles and jewellery, and you are good to go. 

Green and Red Floral Design

The intricate detailing of the green and red floral designs on the crimson-coloured lehenga adds a rich beauty to the look. Pair it with a fitted, matching choli. The round, wide neckline of the choli enhances the overall look of the lehenga. Complete the look with silver jewellery and minimal makeup, and enjoy the attention!

Dazzling Sequin

A mild sky blue colour lehenga, twirly and of sequin make with a golden floral embroidery print and a glittery appearance paired with a sleeveless matching choli and a netted dupatta with golden borders will surely give a glamorous, stylish touch to the look. Paired with minimal jewellery and makeup, it will be no less than perfect. 

Delightful Spring Florals

Elegant pink and yellow floral prints on the beautiful, pure white, flowy lehenga are a perfect choice for a light colour wedding lehenga for your friend’s wedding. Pair it with a fitted, matching, half-sleeved, small choli, and this is the best pick for a summer wedding. Little to no jewellery is required for this look with minimal makeup, and you are all set to flaunt your graceful self.

Bright Yellow Florals

What better than yellow colour lehengas for a summer wedding! The colour adds brightness and exhilaration to the surroundings. The long, flowy, yellow lehenga with light pink floral embroidery all over is sure to enliven the environment. With a cute yellow top with matching embroidery, combined with minimal jewellery and makeup, this look is winning some hearts. 

Wine Colour Lehenga 

The beautiful wine-coloured lehenga with a netted layer over it and white floral designs giving it a 3D look will prove to be jaw-dropping. Pairing it with a matching design, sleeveless choli will add to the overall gorgeousness of the look. Oxidised jewellery would go well with this type of look. Complete this look by wearing an oxidised choker and get ready to be a trendsetter.

Pastel Colour Cloral Designs

The exquisite pastel colour lehenga with intricate multi-coloured floral designs paired with a fitted matching choli and a netted dupatta with heavily embroidered borders is a great soothing wear for a summer wedding. Complete this look with some silver jewellery, and it is sure to work wonders for you. 


These are some of the best ideas for lehengas with floral designs. The above-mentioned summer-friendly recommendations are surely going to help you in finding the perfect lehenga match for you. These glamorous and elegant designs combined with minimal makeup and jewellery and a heartfelt smile are definitely drawing some attention to your attire. So what are you waiting for? Try these ideas out, find your best fit and flaunt yourself with confidence!

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