This Janmashtami be the Prettiest Gopi in Town

This Janmashtami be the Prettiest Gopi in Town

While there’s still a week ahead for this year’s Janmashtami, the sweet scent of ‘Maakhan Chor’s’ magic has already filled our homes and cities. Every street in the country awaits witnessing little boys dressed up as ‘Krishna’ or ‘Kaanha’ and young girls dolled up in lehenga as Radha to enchant the mystic tales of the beloved ‘Devkninandan.’ After all, it was the day when the mischievous yet magical Lord Krishna, the eternal ruler of hearts had born. Krishna, who is also believed to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is one of the most dearly loved and worshipped gods in the Hindu Culture. Known as ‘Kishan Kanhaiya’ or ‘Laddu Gopal,’ he is admired for being one of the sweetest deities, a romantic lover, a playful kid, and of course, an honest friend. Every year, this auspicious day is celebrated with great enthusiasm as one of the biggest religious festivals in the world. To blend into the divine spirit of this zestful celebration, every devotee wants to dress up in vibrant colors and fabrics on this particular day. The trendy ethnic dresses have a lot of draw for ladies and young girls who are curious as well as confused as to what style to adorn in hopes of appearing just like the ever so beautiful Radha. Well, to help you prepare and flaunt your vestiary glam for the ‘Dahi Handi’ and ‘Raaslila’ celebrations, mentioned below are some style ideas which you could dawn as the prettiest Gopi in your town for this year’s Janmasthami.


Although each of you comes from different cultures, there is one thing you all have in common: your love for sarees. The attire has been glorifying the beauty of women for ages, binding generations after another with its charm while some even believed to have styles older than the festivals themselves. After all, there is probably nothing that graces every contour of your body like this nine-yards of fabric. Designer Sareesare one of the most popular kinds of dress for Indian women as they not only make women appear elegant but also feel comfortable. Among the various choices of outfits, sarees are the most preferable option especially for all festive occasions as they can be widely styled depending upon your taste. Like fashion, Sarees too, have evolved rapidly with time, and today can be found in a vast array of designs to help you speak the language of the occasion as perfectly as you would want it to. Some of the various styles women should consider draping themselves in for this year’s Janmasthami are Banarasi Silk Sarees, Bandhani Sarees, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Paithani Sarees, Ruffle Sarees, and Lehenga Sarees. Since all of these have their own style statements, you could easily choose the one that matches your own.


Gowns have been a staple of women's fashion since the beginning of various western cultures. They have continuously evolved passing through various cultures and countries centuries after another. Although through evolving fashion and fusion of various clothing designs from across the world, the variety of cultural attires for women isn’t just limited to Indian but has expanded to explore many others from different parts of the world. However, gowns are one such outfit for festive occasions which has seen increasing popularity among women over the last decade. While many won’t see gowns as traditionally associated with Hindu festivals, others have found a style statement in them which completely aligns with their own. Moreover, the variety of design patterns available with gowns won’t just help you swoon with the mood of Janmasthmi but may very well complement your vibe just as other outfits for festive occasions would have. Decorated gowns dawn just as much drama and splendor as does a Saree, Lehenga, or Kurti especially with the heaps of saree-gown combinations, you can easily pick from either pastel colors or the one with the intricate embroidery or embellishments depending you’re your personal style and the venue you would be celebrating.


If there’s any attire for women that embodies the true ethnicity of Krishna Janmasthami, then it has got to be, undoubtedly, a Lehenga. As early as the time of Lord Krishna, gopis have been often seen wearing lehenga cholis during raaslila and even today there can be seen a huge desire among girls and women to drape themselves in one. Not only does a lehenga reflect upon the Hindu culture’s diversity perfectly but also adds lustre to the festival’s mood and excitement. Indian lehengas are amongst the most elegant and stunning silhouettes of a woman’s wardrobe regardless of their age because of their dazzling colors and intricate designs. Over the last decade or so, a variety of designer lehengas have flooded the market, elevating its style and desire among women. Depending upon what you would prefer for the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmasthami, a lehenga design can be easily tailored either as traditional or fusion with the choice of fabric, cut, color, and embroidery. Some of the lehenga designs that would be perfect for the festival include Floral lehenga, Kalidar Lehenga, Sharara Lehenga, and Half-Saree Lehenga.

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