Tips for Selecting Best Wedding Saree

Tips for Selecting Best Wedding Saree

Indian women love wearing saree and consider them as the best and most traditional attire. Every woman enjoys flaunting herself in a saree, even more at weddings, parties, or festivals. It can be a bit hard and time-consuming to select a perfect saree, fulfilling all the requirements, but all you need is some tips to become burdenless from the process.

How to Select a Wedding Saree?

1. Choice of Fabric:

It is the most important factor in choosing a saree. Buying the perfect fabric for the perfect occasion can do wonders. Fabric selection helps get a good drape as well as perfect fit and should look nice on the wearer. Cotton sarees are normally chosen for a regulatory and casual aspect. For a more decent and formal look, usually, silk sarees are preferred. In the end, it totally depends on the personal choice of the purchaser.

2. Timing of the Occasion:

One needs to check the timing of the event before, whether it is in the daytime or at night. The color of the saree should be selected suitably. Light and bright colors are commonly favored on day functions and dark and shimmery ones are chosen for night events. During summers, a heavy saree would create discomfort and can be very uneasy to wear. So, light and vibrant-colored sarees can be suggested. But in winter, dark colors and heavy fabricated sarees are selected.

3. Price of the Saree:

Weddings or party sarees are generally quite expensive. The buyer must bear in mind the budget before making an actual purchase. A certain amount should be allocated already for the saree itself to get an idea or estimate of the expense. Comparison of prices must be done in advance to get the best offer. Ask the seller if some discounts or deals could be availed.

4. Styling:

Sarees are available with different patterns, colors, prints. Look for the one that suits you best for the wedding. The texture of the saree should be comfortable for the person who has to be dressed in. Search for the saree that aligns with your skin tone the most. For a wedding look, sarees with embroidered, embellished, woven, and with hand-motif looks are prioritized by most women. You can even style a decent-looking saree with jewelry and other accessories. It will be a wise option to choose bright colors to be the center of attention at the wedding.

5. The Body Type of the Wearer:

Free-flowing fabric such as georgette and chiffon looks thinner on thick people. Whereas, stiff sarees like organza and cotton work fine on thin people. Short-heightened women should go for sarees with a small border and tall-heightened ones must prefer big borders on a saree which would compensate for their height accordingly.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Saree

Every saree looks beautiful on the person wearing it, undeniably. Although, here are a few things every purchaser looking for a saree must consider beforehand:

1. Inquisition About the Seller:

A piece of thorough knowledge must be learned before buying if the seller is credible or not. Make sure to check all reviews of the retailer before purchasing the best party wear sareesonline or even offline. Visit the recommended sites or stores and saree boutiques. Go through the social media pages of the sellers and read about people’s experiences with them.

2. Understand the Quality:

Get knowledge about differentiating between real quality and a fake saree especially when selecting designer sarees. Some sellers claim to sell wedding sarees at extremely low prices and are actually involved in scams of selling fake and duplicate items. The consumer must stay safe from such fraudulent activities.

3. Order the Saree Beforehand:

Get your saree or order it as sooner as possible. It reduces the inconvenience of returning it or interchanging it, if necessary, and even gets a chance to try it on the saree in advance. Sometimes, it takes time to manufacture the item or even deliver it. So, to decrease the burden for the end moment, it seems a proper choice to order it well in advance.

4. Return and Refund Policy:

If you are interested in buying designer sarees online India, then the item be should checked whether it is eligible for a return policy or not. In case the product is to be returned, make sure if there is an option for exchange or refund of the saree purchased. Check out the cancellation policy too.


When you find a designer saree that completes all you demand before attending the wedding, then only money should be invested considering the taste of the one wearing the saree. It is wasteful to spend on such a product where a buyer has to compromise on certain things. Keeping these above tips in mind will make you have a hassle-free saree shopping experience.

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