Top 10 Lehenga Choli Design To Watch Out

Top 10 Lehenga Choli Design To Watch Out

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event for the bride and the groom. India is a place where one can find a lot of big fat weddings. There are different religions in India and each religion has its traditional attire for the wedding. For most of the weddings in India, during the rituals, the couple wears traditional attire. During the reception, the couple prefers modern costumes with traditional touch. The bride usually prefers wearing the Indian party wear lehenga while the groom prefers a suit or sherwani. There are different varieties of lehengas available and designed based on the needs of the bride. These different varieties of lehenga are based on the fabric, the color, intricate work done on the lehenga, its weight, budget, etc. Considering all these factors together, the bride can select the best lehenga for her most important day.

Top 10 Lehenga Choli Design To Watch Out In 2021

Starry Lehenga

Vibrant-hued Lehengas

Sequin-covered Lehenga

Traditional silk Lehenga

Pastel-colored Lehenga

Glittery Lehenga

Embroidered Lehenga

Velvet Lehenga

Ruffle Lehenga

Printed Lehenga

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

Starry Lehenga: This lehenga is either silver, grey, blue ombre shades. They have delicate glimmering and glittering embellishments that give the starry night sky appears to the lehenga. This lehenga is the perfect selection for the wedding or reception dinner giving the bold blingy look. These lehengas look best in night colors.

Vibrant-hued Lehengas: It's trending nowadays to go for the lehengas having multiple vibrant colors. These lehengas may have multiple colors for the blouse, skirt, and dupatta. All these components may even have contrast colors to make them more vibrant. The different color combinations give a bright and radiant appearance. These can be the best choice for any type of wedding ceremony.

Sequin-covered Lehenga: These sequin-covered lehengas are the best pick for the wedding as well as the reception ceremony. There are different ways to design the lehenga using sequins. It can be completely covered with the glimmering sequin work or in a particular design or pattern. The base color of the lehenga can be pastel shades to enhance the look of the sequins.

Traditional silk lehenga: This silk lehenga provides a simple yet rich appearance. These can be designed in various bright colors with intricate designs and patterns done in gold thread. Lehenga with the traditional zari work on silk fabric is trending nowadays. The richness of these lehengas is incomparable to the other types of lehengas. The Banarasi red lehenga is the best example of this type having gold and basic colored thread work.

Pastel-colored Lehenga: The lehenga doesn't need to have bright colors. Even the muted tones or subdued hues make a very good lehenga. The almond-beige-hued lehenga with delicate pastel-colored flowers and leaves embroidered on it make up a great combination. It is the best selection for a daytime ceremony.

Glittery Lehenga: Some lehengas are designed for their glittering and shining appearance. These may have the bright or light-colored lehenga laden with sequins, mirrors, glitters, 3D hearts, flowers, or butterflies. A  Some lehengas are designed for their glittering and shining appearance. These may have the bright or light-colored lehenga laden with sequins, mirrors, glitters, 3D hearts, flowers, or butterflies. A will increase the charm of the bride and add to her beauty.

Embroidered Lehenga: These embroidered ones are like the dream lehenga every bride wants. They have light-weighted netted material. The intricate embroidery work is done on this material with sorbet-hued threads and also has edgy tassels, embellishments, frill detailing, etc. Embroidered lehengas have an elegant yet traditional look.

Velvet Lehenga: This is the best type of lehenga for the bride preferring minimalism. The skirt and the blouse are designed from velvet material. A plain skirt combined with a heavy or light design on the blouse with threads and beads enhances its can be clubbed with a simple same colored netted dupatta not hiding the designed blouse.

Ruffle Lehenga:These are the modern types of lehenga designed from the netted material. These net ruffle lehenga cholisare trending. They are designed to provide beautiful layers of flare. Ruffle lehenga cholis look beautiful in bright as well as in pastel hues.

Printed Lehenga: With the changing time, the type and varieties of lehengas are also changing. The traditional ones had a plain cloth with different colored embroideries, beads, embellishments, etc. The newer trends in lehengas are made from the printed cloth. These prints can be flowers, leaves, birds, animals, etc. These can be light-colored based on bright colored prints. To combine these modern lehengas with the traditional touch, the bride can have the traditional prints on the lehenga like the peacock, elephants, etc.

Bottom Line

The bride and the groom take a lot of effort to look their best on their wedding day. Recently, it is trending that the bride and the groom coordinate their costumes to match their attires. There are different varieties of lehengas available for the bride based on the pattern, colors, costs, etc. The bride can select the best of the lehengas based on their need and requirement.

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