Tradition & Modern Twist with the Hottest Saree Trends of 2022

Tradition & Modern Twist with the Hottest Saree Trends of 2022

Latest Saree Trends to watch out for in 2022

Each year ushers in a new set of fashion trends, and 2022 is no exception. When modern ideas meet the culture and tradition that sarees bring to the table, you get some blockbuster trends that are really hard to resist. Right from metallic sarees, blazer sarees, traditional sarees to saree with a dhoti, the saree trends of 2022 allow people to flaunt their six yards of timeless beauty in style. So, the next time you plan to wear a saree, feel free to give tradition a modern twist by adopting some of the hottest saree trends this year has seen thus far. Unleash the goddess in you!

The 2022 Saree Trends You Need to Know About

There is nothing like a saree to liven up an occasion. Irrespective of whether you prefer designer sareesor the good old silk ones, you can easily up your fashion game with the latest saree trends of 2022:

Saree Trends to watch out in 2022

Thin Borders

Sarees with Belts

Sarees without Pleats

Ombre Sarees

Sarees with Blazers

Kasta Sarees

Multi-coloured Sarees

Metallic Sarees

Sarees with Animal Prints

Floral Patterned Sarees

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Thin Borders

Long gone are the days when sarees with elaborate borders used to be in vogue. If the trends are anything to go by, 2022 is turning out to be the year of thin saree borders. With sophisticated minimalism, thin borders are very good at enhancing your saree's colour and design. Moreover, the lightweight nature of thin borders makes it easier for you to carry the saree around. The best part is that thin borders pair really well with plain and printed sarees alike, making them a rather versatile option. You can choose to decorate your thin borders with anything, so there’s ample room for experimentation. Got a wedding to attend? Wear a saree with thin borders to make a bold fashion statement.

2. Sarees with Belts

Do you find it hard to manage your saree’s pallu while walking? This saree trend might have something for you. While designers have been pairing sarees with belts for many years now, this trend has become especially prominent in 2022. If you feel that belts are your thing, you can easily pair them with just about any saree. Many people customize their belts to complement their saree's colour and design, and you can do the same. Printed belts pair well with plain sarees, while plain belts take designer sarees like fish to water. The great thing is that a saree belt can double up as a fashion accessory with a purpose. Just tuck your neatly folded pallu into the saree belt, and you can walk freely. So, go ahead and highlight your waistline in a saree with a belt!

3. Sarees without Pleats

Draping a saree is an art form that requires time and patience. However, if you'd like to wear a saree within minutes, a saree without pleats might be perfect for you. Most sarees without pleats tend to be readymade, making them effortless to carry and comfortable to wear. Despite lacking the intricacy of well-defined pleats, these sarees, made from free-flowing materials, have an aura of their own. Team your pleat-less designer or concept saree with a trendy blouse, and you’ll be good to go. So, what do we have so far? Comfort, Style, and Tradition- it can't get better than this.

4. Ombre Sarees

Ombre sarees have to be one of the best trends of 2022. In ombre sarees, you’ll find dark and light shades of the same colour, or different colours, in perfect alternation. A celebration of mutual coexistence of vibrant hues, ombre sarees are here to stay. When it comes to ombre sarees, there is no shortage of colour combinations for you to choose from. Pink and peach, black and metallic grey, blue and green, golden and brown- how can you not make a splash? If you want, you can even go for ombre sarees that highlight alternate shades of the same colour. For example, a light pink-onion pink ombre saree. Is your friend throwing a party soon? Or is your cousin's engagement just around the corner? Pick an ombre saree, and your wardrobe is all sorted!

5. Sarees with Blazers

This hot saree trend of 2022 is all about marrying European and Indian fashion elements together. What’s more, sarees with blazers provide you with endless possibilities. You can pair a plain saree with designer or embroidered blazers. Or, you can enhance your look by teaming your printed saree with a good old plain blazer. If you've got a thing for contrast, you can pick a coloured blazer to compliment your saree as well. From celebrities to brides, the trend of pairing sarees with blazers has been received well and received widely. Do you wish to give your work clothes a trendy uplift? Add a blazer saree to your wardrobe, and make it happen.

6. Kasta Sarees

Kasta sarees are what you get when two traditional clothing items unite. These sarees are big on experimentation, as they bring dhoti pants back in style. While draping a kasta saree takes time and effort, it's worth it. You can even find kasta sarees that come with stitched dhoti pants, making the draping process a lot easier. With kasta sarees, you can achieve new levels of fluidity in movement. Add a simple designer blouse to the mix, and you’ve got a winning saree trend. A kasta saree is one for all occasions. You are bound to make heads turn in this saree!

7. Multi-coloured Sarees

Turn your clothing into an artist’s canvas with multi-coloured sarees. A complete departure from traditional saree styles, a multi-coloured saree is bound to make a splash everywhere you go. With colours drawn from every end of the spectrum, this 2022 saree trend is all about going bold and beautiful. Striped, blended, abstract, or patchwork – there is no shortage of multi-coloured designer sarees to choose from. Additionally, multi-coloured sareescan be found in all materials: silk, chiffon, georgette, or cotton. Now, here's a saree that can effortlessly externalize your inner versatility!

8. Metallic Sarees

If you're not a big fan of colours, then a metallic saree is just what you need. This 2022 saree trend channels the brilliance of gold, silver, bronze, and copper on fabric with remarkable ease. Metallic sarees are also known for their fluidity, which means that top-notch comfort is a sure-shot guarantee. Moreover, metallic sarees  allow you to experiment with different styles of draping. These sarees can hold their own, so you don’t really need accessories to achieve a complete look. Wear a metallic saree, and let your fashion sense shine through!

 allow you to experiment with different styles of draping. These sarees can hold their own, so you don’t really need accessories to achieve a complete look. Wear a metallic saree, and let your fashion sense shine through!

We know that everyone has a bold, fierce, and wild side to them. That's why sarees with animal prints are a great way to inject your ensemble with all that energy. Sarees with animal prints can make you look effortlessly chic. From zebra prints, snake prints, leopard prints to tiger prints – you have it all. Sarees with animal prints are here to stay in 2021, and it's everyday fashion done right. Pair your animal print saree with a plain blouse, and nothing can stop you from looking spectacular!

10. Floral Patterned Sarees

A chic, breezy ensemble that can make you look like the personification of spring, floral patterned sarees are perfect for daytime wear. Floral patterns look great on all types of saree fabrics while lending your saree a classy look. Floral Patterned Sarees come with a generous comfort quotient so that you can breeze through occasions with ease. This saree trend is guaranteed to get people talking, so be prepared!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we talked about the ten saree trends that have been hogging the limelight in 2022. These saree trends have it all – tradition, modernity, style, and comfort. Moreover, you can easily shop for these trends online. Sarees with thin borders, designer sarees with belts, ombre sarees, kasta sarees, sarees with animal prints – irrespective of what you choose, you’ll be hailed as a fashion powerhouse. It’s time to enliven the festivities and celebrations with your presence. Search online saree now and get started!

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