Trendy Indian Wedding Outfits for Women

Trendy Indian Wedding Outfits for Women

Weddings are considered to be the biggest affair, especially in India. Indian weddings involve many intricate ceremonies like sangeet, Mehandi, receptions, and the big marriage day. Weddings are very special occasions as two souls start to share one life. They are celebrated with splendid decorations and people dressed up in marvellous attires. As the right outfit for a specific event has always been a part of our culture, deciding yours can be a very exciting journey.

Fashion trends are an ocean altogether with so many designs to explore. Everyone has their own style of fashion. Even if you are someone who is not interested in going with the trend, you are still somehow associated with it. As you choose a stance in fashion by wearing something traditional or maybe not trendy, you are still choosing a style for yourself. 

Top Weddings Outfit Trends you Need to Consider

Here is a list of the current fashion paparazzi outfits to decide which outfit suits you the best. 

Designer Sarees

There are different types of sarees in India. Each culture has its own peculiar kind of saree with the design, material and draping style. However, designer sarees never go out of fashion. Some of the various saree designs are ‘Multicolour Silk Saree from Banaras’, ‘Wonderful Bandhani Saree from Gujarat’,  ‘Elegant Kavasu from  Kerala’,  ‘Graceful Taint Saree from West Bengal’, the ‘Kanjeevaram Pattu from Tamil Nadu’, ‘Magnificent Paithani from Maharashtra’ and much more. 

Apart from the traditional or cultural designs, there are also many other kinds of designer sarees such as organza saree, lycra embroidered saree, ethnic lehenga saree, golden georgette, net saree, cocktail saree, and the Indo western saree. Each one of them has its own elegance and shimmer. 

Furthermore, designer sarees can be worn using different kinds of drapes. Try choosing designer sarees online for an easy and comfortable purchase.

Peach Colour Wedding Lehengas

All hues of peach symbolise femininity, a happy feeling, and an aura of positivity. Fashion trends are like the circle of life.  Styles come in, get replaced by another style, and come back in fashion again. Take, for example, British women in olden times, used to wear crochet gowns, and now we see the Indo western rendezvous with different designs of peach lehengas. 

 The peach embroidered ready-made set, frilled design lehenga choli, peach frilled net choli, organza lehenga choli, foil printed choli, sequence, and fish cut lehenga are some of the different peach-coloured outfits you can try. You can also wear nice jhumkas and chic hairstyles for some additional grace to your overall look.

The array of drapes that could be made in a lehenga is commendable. You can also use many kinds of drapes according to the occasion and your outfit. 

Designer Salwar Suits 

Salwar suits are the attire of an Indian girl with typical oriental beauty. It’s the most comfortable and the most modish outfit. You can wear it on any occasion of the wedding. Designer salwar suits are the most tried and tested outfits for weddings. 

The various designs in salwars are kashmiri shararas and ghararas, which have a mystical charm to them, churidars and a short kurti, the Indo western-style jacket suits, and the frilly girlish frock designs. All of them have their own grace.  Raw silk and georgette are the most popular materials of salwar suits as they can be used in the wedding seasons, i.e., from November to February. Don’t forget to put a beautiful maang tikka or a matta pati and a small pouch around your arms.

Salwar Kameez Online

If you google online, you will find a long list of different kinds of salwar kameez. But the most popular ones are the patialas with the phulkari. If you have a craze for traditional outfits, then a Patiala may be your best option. You can wear it for the wedding poojas, cocktail parties, or the roka. Wear them with parandas or juras.

The aforementioned are a few outfits that you can explore for wedding occasions. Who says that it’s only the bride who needs a little homework because it’s her day. It’s also us who keep the party alive. We can also colour co-ordinate with the bride to click some amazing pictures and make some good memories. Sometimes the decision to choose the right colour, design, or outfit is based on your personality type, comfortability, complexion, and how you look on camera.  The decision can also be chosen according to your physical features like height, shape, etc.

Final Thoughts

Find your style and be flexible because fashion is all about experimenting. You never know what style would suit you the best. Don’t be restrictive, and keep experimenting. Remember, you get your perfect outfit in this offbeat world of fashion.

At Indian Rani, your never-ending thirst for that perfect attire can be fulfilled. You’ll find ample options such as designer sarees, salwar kameez, salwar suits, in your preferred colour. Get ready and explore a variety of trendy wedding outfits today! 

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